In Memory of the Holy Innocents

Church of the Holy Innocents

279 E 17 Street, Brooklyn, NYC 11226

Shrine of the Holy Innocents

A place of Healing & Comfort

The infants massacred by King Herod in his attempt to kill the infant Jesus (Matthew 2:16-18) are known as the Holy Innocents.These children, although Jewish, were regarded by the early Church as the first martyrs (Proto-Martyrs) for Christianity. Above Charitable organizations have been found worthy & entltled to use the name of the Holy Innocents

Vox in Rama audita est ploratus et ululatus multus Rachel plorans filios suos et noluit consolari quia non sunt
defuncto autem Herode ecce apparuit angelus Domini in somnis Ioseph in Aegypto